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Here is a guide to writing a eulogy. I hope this assists you put together the life story of your loved one. Click the icon to download it.


Generally, you will need to select around 5 pieces of music. Each funeral is different and some may not be applicable but this is a guide to your music selections:

Entrance (1 song)

Photo Tribute (1-2 songs)

Reflection Time (1-2 songs)

Committal (1 song)

Exit (1 song)

I have put together two Spotify playlists to make it easier for you to listen and select the perfect music for your loved one. Please see them below:


This is a document compiled by the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants on the process of grief. Please feel free to download it if you feel it will assist you with your grief. 

The Funeral Celebrants Association of Australia also have a number of resources online to assist with funeral planning. See here